Mannion is encouraging his audience to bypass their questioning and to create their own art, in whatever medium it may be. And with Meme, Mannion is showing them that it is indeed possible.

There is a wonderful sense of world-building to it all. Mannion and his crew are not building expansive visions of alternate realities but they are alternate realities, nonetheless.

an inspirational storyline of personal betterment

Wijesinha presents a wonderfully understated demeanor and believability with the character

Schoofs is, overall, deftly impactful while being both heartbreakingly, inspirationally vulnerable and equally steadfast in her role as Jennifer

a potent and realistic journey

I dare say this, and you can quote me – Sean Mannion is a genius. Even based only on this film. The production is everything but no-budget or even low budget and the editing is peak.

Meme masquerades as a common relationship drama, when in fact it presents a fascinating existential commentary that is perfectly tied up in a full circle approach

Meme is more than likely to provoke a “wtf?” reaction from unsuspecting viewers.