Beneath the Black Moon

Beneath the Black Moon is a rare horror film sought by Tommy (Shivantha Wijesinha), only available on VHS. The film was shot as a parody short film by director Sean Mannion with Producer Nicole Solomon, and Director of Photography Jeanette Sears. The film stars Lisa Hammer (The Venture Bros., The Sisters Plotz, Maybe Sunshine), Ginny Leise (Feminist Babysitter, Drive-By Street Harassment), Zach Kish, Levi Wilson, Alia Janine, Annie R. Such, Sarah Albonesi, and Lizzy Andretta (for full credits visit the film's IMDB page).

The full film (or "just the good parts," anyway) is available to watch on YouTube or for purchase on VHS alongside Nicole Solomon's film Small Talk through Magnetic Magic Rentals.