Meme didn't come from a single point of inspiration. It is, appropriately for the film, the fusion of multiple ideas into a single narrative. The form of the film is inspired by the films Walkabout and Spring Breakers. Both films employ non-linear narratives and inserts of seemingly unrelated or tangentially related materials to emphasize or juxtapose the narrative. The story for Meme is inspired by Videodrome and the first draft of the film was based on an outline for a sequel to Videodrome. The idea to explore videotapes and the world of VHS collectors came from writer-director Sean Mannion's own experience meeting members of that VHS collector underground. In particular the individuals who run HorrorBoobs. The documentaries Adjust Your Tracking and Rewind This! have also inspired much of the VHS related materials in the film.

Memes and Temes

Adjust Your Tracking

Rewind This!